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[ti:We Are]
[ar:Ana Johnsson]
[al:The Way I Am]
[by:FlowerSpider(QQ 1878886)]
[00:00.00]Ana Johnsson - We Are
[00:01.93]Album: The Way I Am
[00:03.67]Editor: FlowerSpider (QQ 1878886 ICQ 151476238)
[00:08.30]See the devil on the doorstep now
[00:11.15][00:30.72][01:23.21]My oh my
[00:14.71]Telling everybody ,oh just how to live their lives
[00:21.22]Sliding down the information highway
[00:24.49]Buying in just like a bunch of fools
[00:27.75]Time is ticking and we can't go back
[00:34.67][02:26.61]What about the world today
[00:38.03][02:29.89]What about the place that we call home
[00:41.24][02:33.06]We've never been so many
[00:43.48]And we've never been
[00:46.30][02:37.98][02:49.28]So alone
[00:47.82][01:46.89][02:50.81][03:20.64]Keep watching from your picket fence
[00:50.90][01:50.09][02:53.77]You keep talking but it makes no sence
[00:53.71][01:06.75][01:52.92][02:06.02][02:56.54][03:09.57]You say we're not responsible
[00:56.57][01:09.71][01:55.71][02:08.87][02:59.44][03:12.61][03:29.58][03:35.76]But we are, we are
[01:00.21][01:59.38][03:03.03]You wash your hands
[01:01.91][02:01.03][03:04.70]You come out clean
[01:03.48][02:02.69][03:06.33]But fail to recognize the enemy's within
[01:13.52][03:15.94]We are
[01:20.05]One step forward, making two steps back
[01:27.02]Riding piggy on the bad boys back
[01:29.77]For life
[01:33.72]Lining up for the grand illusion
[01:36.91]No answers for no questions asked
[01:40.16]Lining up for the execution
[01:42.87]Without knowing why
[02:12.78]It's all about power, bout taking control
[02:15.98]Breaking the will ,and raping the soul
[02:19.11]They suck us dry 'til there's nothing left
[02:22.51]My oh my My oh my
[02:35.47]And we've never been
[03:16.69][03:30.69](It's all about power, bout taking control)
[03:19.52](Breaking the will ,and raping the soul)
[03:22.88](They suck us dry 'til there's nothing left)
[03:26.14](My oh my My oh my)
[03:37.07](It's all about, It's all about power, bout taking control)