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[ar:Cranberries ]

[00:48]If you, if you could return
[00:52]Don't let it burn,don't let it fade
[00:57]I'm sure I'm not being rude
[01:00]But it's just your attitude
[01:02]It's tearing me apart
[01:04]It's ruining everything
[01:08]I swore, I swore I would be true
[01:12]And honey so did you
[01:16]So why were you holding her hand
[01:20]Is that the way we stand
[01:22]Were you lying all the time
[01:24]Was it just a game to you

[03:09][02:28][01:27]But I m in so deep
[03:34][03:13][02:33][01:32]You know I'm such a fool for you
[03:39][03:18][02:38][01:36]You got me wrapped around your finger
[03:44][03:24][02:43][01:42]Do you have to let it linger
[03:47][03:26][02:46][01:45]Do you have to, do you have to let it linger
[01:51]Oh, I thought the world of you
[01:58]I thought nothing could go wrong
[02:03]But I was wrong, but I was wrong

[02:09]If you, if you could get by
[02:13]Trying not to lie
[02:16]Things wouldn't be so confused
[02:20]And I wouldn't feel so used
[02:23]But you always really knew
[02:25]I just wanna be with you