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[ti:Crazy In Love]
[ar:Beyonce Knowles feat Jay-Z]
[al:Dangerously In Love]
[by:tony yet]
[00:00.61]Beyonce Knowles feat Jay-Z - Crazy In Love
[00:02.35][Yes! so crazy right now
[00:06.40]Most incredibly
[00:08.47]It's your girl b
[00:10.90]It's your boy young
[00:24.98]History in the makin
[00:27.46]Part 2
[00:28.55]So crazy right now]
[00:29.93]I look and stare so deep in your eyes
[00:32.35]I touch on you more and more every time
[00:34.75]When you leave I'm beggin you not to go
[00:37.09]Call your name two, three times in a row
[00:39.45]Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
[00:41.91]How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
[00:44.48]Yeah, cause I know I don't understand
[00:46.62]Just how your love can do what no on else can
[03:28.87][03:09.36][01:37.52][00:48.97]Got me lookin so crazy right now
[03:30.80][03:11.05][01:39.33][00:50.73]Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now
[03:32.86][03:13.51][01:41.58][00:53.08](Your love)
[03:33.64][03:14.22][01:42.23][00:54.01]Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch's
[03:35.94][03:16.46][01:44.69][00:56.41]Got me lookin so crazy right now
[03:37.68][03:18.27][01:46.41][00:58.01](Your touch)
[03:38.45][03:19.03][01:47.12][00:58.77]Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
[03:40.69][03:21.53][01:49.41][01:01.07]Got me hoping you save me right now
[03:42.68][03:23.50][01:51.49][01:03.05]Lookin so crazy your love's got me lookin
[03:44.35][03:25.48][01:53.62][01:05.57]Got me lookin so crazy your love
[01:18.37]When I talk to my friends so quietly
[01:20.62]"Who he think he is?" Look at what you've done to me
[01:23.13]Tennis shoes don't even need to buy a new dress
[01:25.50]You ain't there, ain't nobody else to impress
[01:28.06]It's the way that you know what I thought I knew
[01:30.46]It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with you
[01:32.76]Yeah, but I still don't understand
[01:34.80]Just how your love can do what no one else can
[01:59.03]I'm warmed up now
[02:00.66]Let's go
[02:01.65][Young hova
[02:02.87]Ya'll know when the flow is loco
[02:04.34]Young b and the r-o-c uh oh
[02:06.37]O-g, big homie
[02:07.80]The one and only
[02:09.21]Stick boney but the pockets are fat like tony
[02:11.19]Soprano the roc handle
[02:12.93]Like van exel
[02:13.91]I shake phonies man, you can't get next to
[02:16.27]A genuine article, I do not sing tho
[02:18.63]I sling though , if anything I bling yo]
[02:20.92][Star like ringo
[02:22.10]War like a green berret
[02:23.33]You're crazy bring your whole set
[02:25.64]Jay-Z in the range
[02:26.73]Crazy and deranged
[02:27.82]They can't figure him out
[02:29.03]They're like "hey is he insane?"
[02:30.50]Yes sir I'm cut from a different cloth
[02:32.91]My texture is the best fur, I'm chinchilla
[02:35.26]I've been ill of the chain smokers
[02:37.42]How you think I go the name hova
[02:38.82]I've been reala'
[02:39.81]The game's over
[02:40.46]Fall back young ever since
[02:41.99]I made you change over to platinum
[02:43.47]The game's been a wrap One]
[02:45.38]Got me looking so crazy, my baby
[02:49.42]I'm not myself lately
[02:51.72]I'm foolish, I don't do this
[02:54.35]I've been played myself
[02:56.54]Baby I don't care
[02:58.75]Cuz your love got the best of me
[03:01.25]And baby you're making a fool of me
[03:03.67]You got me sprung and I don't care who sees
[03:06.01]Cuz baby you got me so crazy